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It's odd - I seem to have been stubbornly swimming against the onslaught of digital music for many years, buying vinyl albums to "complete" my collection but never really seeming to get anywhere near to having everything I want. With digital storage now costing peanuts and offering a world of possibilities for playback: throughout the home; in the car; out walking and so on, I'm very aware that a vinyl collection ultimately can become a redundant, bulky inconvenience to many people and may end up in the attic, a basement or - god forbid - in the shed!

Here at Plane Groovy we want to bring these collections back to life. I'm happy to travel to your home to check out your vinyl; I can bring an assortment of price guides so that you're able to see the basis for my pricing, and in general I'll make an offer for the whole collection. Too many times I hear of dealers "cherry picking" from collections, taking all of the interesting and valuable albums and leaving the bulk behind. I'm very aware that this doesn't really solve the problem of what to do with the remainder so if I'm interested in a part of the collection, I'll make an offer for the whole thing!

Typically, 95% of a record collection has little value. That's just the nature of the medium. Albums which sold in their hundreds of thousands are still commonly available and can therefore be bought for next to nothing. However, there are some albums which are valuable - and sometimes for the strangest of reasons. Maybe a band member became famous in a later band? Perhaps the album was just so bad that it sold virtually no copies on release and is therefore now very scarce. There is even a market for specific record labels - and although Plane Groovy isn't anywhere near that stage it would be great to think that one day our releases might become collectible!

Please bear in mind however, what I collect is original: Rock; 60's and 70's Pop; Reggae; Quadraphonic etc. I have no need for "easy listening" albums, compilations, soundtracks, crooners, or classical so if that's all the collection consists of, please understand that it's not for me!