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  Chris Topham: A warm welcome to Plane Groovy; this is my chance to give something back to the hobby which has consumed me for most of my life!

Back in late 2011 I found that I owned and ran a record label! How on earth did that come about, and why? Well, the answer to the first question is pretty simple. I'd been trying to persuade my friend Francis Dunnery to put out his albums on vinyl for years - the clarity of his performances and recordings lend themselves perfectly to the vinyl medium. After making endless phone calls to labels various it became apparent that he would have to actually pay someone for the privilege of getting vinyl versions of his own albums released on an existing label and that made no sense to me. I did a bit of overtime at work during the previous year, and rather than put the money towards the mortgage I decided to do something memorable with it ... thus Plane Groovy was born, with the release of Francis Dunnery's "Man" on double heavyweight vinyl as release PLG001.

I learned how to put together the artwork with our second release, the first solo album by Chris Difford who has been a great friend for many years. Echolyn - a band I have admired since the early 90's - came onboard next; I think Francis told them that they could trust me! This and the following DBA album were milestone releases for us because they were brand-new recordings rather than reissues and thus they gave us a new level of credibility. Henry Priestman is someone I've followed since my University days; amazingly talented and when I first heard his solo album I thought it would be perfect on vinyl; turns out I was right!

There have been many more releases since then; we put out "Songs from the Mission of Hope" by Stephen Harris in September 2012 to celebrate its' 10th anniversary; this is a very special edition with all sorts of added extras included with the first 100 copies. Big Big Train's poll-topping "English Electric Part One" came out on Plane Groovy at the end of 2012 and was followed in Sep 2013 by "English Electric Part 2." Now almost four years old, we will have over 40 titles by the end of this year.

To get the answer to the second question - why? - go to this link.